VDI 2035: Meeting Europe's most stringent water quality standards without compromise.

The Elysator range of products will help building owners/operators, asset managers, construction and design professionals, facilities managers and manufacturers deliver crucial operational objectives whilst maintaining the environmental standards demanded of them.

The Elysator is not just a commercial solution. These benefits are equally relevant to homeowners. Elysator technology is wonderfully scalable and can be applied to all systems, regardless of size or complexity.


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If your system is already contaminated with dirty water and iron oxide sludge, Elysator can help correct the issue without the need for harsh chemicals.


Elysator technology engineers environments where corrosion cannot happen and bacteria cannot survive.


Clean water will help keep your critical equipment running at its optimum efficiency for longer.


Class-leading water treatment; cleaning established systems or protecting new

Using sacrificial magnesium anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, the Elysator addresses both the symptoms and root cause of corrosion within recirculation heating and cooling systems. Our proven technology engineers optimum environments for these systems, one where corrosion can't occur and bacteria can't survive.

Serving both domestic and commercial markets, our comprehensive range of products combine to ensure the operational reliability and efficiency of your systems, protecting and extending the operational life of expensive assets, increasing energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime.

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